John Langmore

Workshop Instructor/Speaker

John Langmore – John Langmore began cowboying in 1975, at the age of twelve, after his father photographed the seminal book, The Cowboy. John spent twelve summers cowboying across the West before pursuing a professional career. In 2012, after thirty years away from his time in the saddle, John began a six-year project photographing fourteen of the nation’s largest and most famous ranches. Of all those who have photographed the cowboy, John is one of the few who came to it first as a cowboy and only later as a photographer. John’s photographs and writings reflect this deep connection to the cowboy world and offer an unrivaled chance to witness a way of life that many dream of but few experience. John Langmore was raised in Dallas, Texas, by a family of photographers. He is the son of well-known photographers, Bank and Dorothy Langmore. He spent all the summers of his youth working on large ranches across the West until he began a legal career. His professional life moved him around the world until he returned to Austin, Texas, where he began pursuing his own work as a photographer. He currently lives in Austin with his wife, Erika, and his two sons, Jordan and Grant. John Langmore is an accomplished photographer whose long-term projects have been widely published and exhibited. John’s project on the American cowboy, Open Range, was recently published by Twin Palms Publishers. John co-directed and produced the documentary film, Cowboys, to be released later this year. John also has a book being published by Trinity University Press coming out this fall.

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