Friday, March 10th, 2017 4:00 PM - 4:15 PM

Texture to the Rescue

Have you ever seen photographs that have a rather painterly effect to them but are afraid of the word “paint” or “layer”? Perhaps you are liking the subject matter in your photograph but are wishing the background was not so busy with power lines, messy branches, litter, dull lighting or just speaking to you about  that something’s-missing-here factor? A potentially artful piece is waiting  for you and it’s right around the corner. Join me as I explore the world of Texture. With just a few simple steps on your computer in Photoshop, you will be surprised at the transformation your image will acquire. Soft & dreamy or bold & dramatic; it is whatever you want it to be.  It’s time for your creativity to flow and I think you will be pleasantly surprised at what surges from your heart to your fingertips!

Symposium Session Details

Symposium Speaker

Diane McAllister of Reno NV has been a Wildlife and Nature Photographer for 12 years. Her favorite subjects to photograph are Birds and baby animals, many in her own yard where she plants berry trees and trumpet flowers, then hangs seed/suet to welcome them all. Her work has been published in calendars, books and magazines. Numerous art pieces provide a sense of calmness and peacefulness in various hospitals, waiting rooms, offices and exam rooms. Two of her images have been on exhibit at the Smithsonian; one presently as the amateur Wildlife Winner for “Yellowstone Forever”. Her advice to other photographers is to always respect your subject, be patient and stay back. A stressed animal will not feel comfortable and may leave. Know your subject well, do your homework and research everything about it. In return, you will be offered a front row seat in their precious world.

Diane McAllister