Thursday, March 9th, 2017 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Photography Law Basics

A successful photographer depends on a good working set of tools for their business, including proper lighting, camera, lenses and editing software.  There is another set of tools every photographer needs, which are just as important: effective working business documents.  Nathan is here to help give you some excellent tools to add to your Batmanesque utility belt.

During our clinic, we will walk and work through a series of documents including client agreements, model/property releases and contracts for terms to look out for and/or include.  We will also discuss other photography law fundamentals including licensing, some basic copyright understanding, including the dreaded “work for hire” phrase and how to negotiate an agreement to the best outcome possible.

Nathan has years of experience working with and for artists helping set up their own business, drafting and refining business documents like client agreements as well as negotiations with large entities for shoots and projects.  He has also helped photographers collect money from delinquent clients, without having to resort to litigation. The goal of this class is to help provide any photographer with the foundational legal understanding to protect and grow their business.  Nathan laughs that one of the points of this seminar is to keep you from having to talk to guys like him as much as possible.

Whether you are new to the business of photography or have been doing this for years, Nathan is here to help provide you with effective legal tools and at least a base understanding of critical issues to be aware of.  We want your business to continue to…wait for it…develop!

Symposium Session Details

Symposium Speaker

Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Nathan is passionate about the Pacific Northwest – particularly its people.  He believes deeply in being an active participant in the greater Seattle community.

He coaches youth soccer and basketball, is involved with incredible philanthropy organizations like Safe Crossings and Summer Search, as well as serving on multiple boards including Madrona Elementary PTSA and Woodland Soccer Association.

Nathan also provides legal advice as a membership reference attorney for American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP).

Prior to starting the Law Office of Nathan A. Hoerschelmann, Nathan worked in private practice, served as in-house counsel for several insurance entities as well as corporate counsel for an international company.

Nathan graduated from Whitman College and Willamette University College of Law.

Nathan Hoerschelmann