Saturday, April 4, 2020 10:00 A.M. - 12:30 P.M.

2020 Long Exposure: Hands On with Thibault Roland – Saturday

 Photo By Thibault Roland

Photo By Thibault Roland

Class Description: 

Photography is diverse and rich, spanning subjects and areas ranging from portraiture to landscape, macro to astro. In most people’s mind photography must be truthful. It has to depict a scene, a situation, a subject in a manner that is objective. But truth be told, a photograph is also a form of art. It is the result of its author’s point of view, emotions and interactions with the subject at the time. So why not embrace this approach? Why not encourage the author to develop their own vision, their own approach, and their own, intimate and unique perspective? Why not leave reality aside and instead “create” photographs using one’s vision?

Long exposure is a technique that does just that: it transforms reality into something else, into something more, into a dialogue between the photographer/artist, the subject and viewer. Long exposure is a different approach to photography, one that comes from within and uses what’s out there in order to produce unique and breathtaking images.

During this workshop, you will have the opportunity to test Sony’s newest cameras and lenses and you will learn from Sony Artisan Thibault Roland how to use the equipment necessary to capture impactful images. Weather permitting we will take long exposure landscape photos, and we will also have models with us to shoot some very unique ghost-like images of them in the setting of an abandoned building. Are you ready for a cool adventure?

Student Equipment Requirements: (NOTE: Equipment will be available on loan from our vendors.)

  • Sturdy Tripod
  • SD Cards
  • Either screw in or drop in filters – Thibault recommends drop in.   Suggested filter brands: 
  • Breakthrough Filters
  • Formatt Hitech filters
  • Recommended ND filter densities – for landscape, 13-16 stops.  For people/model portion – 10 stops.  Variable ND filters are NOT recommended for this workshop
  • If purchasing screw in filters, step up rings are also suggested so that students can utilize different lenses
  • Camera trigger (this is suggested, not required)
  • Extra camera batteries, or if using a newer Sony Mirrorless Camera, a USB battery pack will work to power the camera while shooting long exposures

Workshop Session Details

Workshop Instructor

Thibault Roland

Thibault Roland – Portland, OR – French born, Thibault Roland obtained a PhD in Physics in 2009. He started photography while learning the laws of optics at school and eventually applied them to decipher the secrets of biology at Harvard University. He now uses his scientific background and notions such as the Theory of General Relativity as a source for his inspiration and vision. As a black and white fine art photographer he uses both digital and film cameras and specializes in long exposure architecture, minimalism and seascapes. Previously an instructor at the New England School of Photography, Thibault teaches workshops and gives seminars internationally and he is backed by Sony through their Artisans of Imagery program. His fine art photographs have been shown, published and awarded internationally and are included in public and private collections such as the Boston Athenaeum.

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