Wednesday,April 1, 2020 5:30 P.M. - 8:30 P.M.

2020 Demystifying Lenses and Filters with M.D. Welch – Wednesday

 Photo By M.D. Welch

Photo By M.D. Welch

Class description: There is no more critical piece of equipment to a photographer than the lenses they choose to make their pictures. Unfortunately, many photographers use lenses without really thinking about how the focal length of the lens changes the look and feel of the subject and the environment the subject occupies.

This course is ideal for the photographer that is looking to really explore the power and potential of using lenses for more than getting closer or farther away from their subject, and looking to discover that x factor in great images. Also covered in this course, is an equally confusing topic, lens filters. What filters, if any, a photographer needs in their photography can be equally confusing, especially in this digital age of post-production.

This class will cover different areas of photography, from landscape and portraits, to product and macro photography, as well as live, in class demonstrations. This is perfect for photographers who are looking at a future lens or filter purchase, and want to really understand why one lens is better than another for their photography. This is a lectured base class, so there are no equipment requirements.


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Workshop Instructor

M.D.  Welch – Professional photographer and video director/producer, M.D. Welch has 25 years of experience in print, video, graphic and multimedia design. Over the last 20 years, he has taught all the major Adobe applications, photography and video techniques for the University of Nevada, Reno, TMCC, Shooting The West, Nevada Museum of Art, and the Maine Media Workshops. His knowledge, passion and energy applied to the subjects he teaches has been the hallmark of his teaching career.

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