Tuesday, March 31, 2020 8:30 A.M. - 5:30 P.M.

2020 Drone Photography and Video with Rachid Dahnoun – Tuesday

Class description: Take to the skies and learn how to create exceptional photos and videos with your drone. This technology has redefined image and video creation opening up a whole new world of creative possibilities. This all-day class will be broken into two parts – a classroom session and a field session. This course is great for the first-time pilot or experienced pro. EXTREMELY LIMITED ENROLLMENT.

 Part 1 – Classroom (4 hours)

Classroom Topics Covered

  •  Basic Flight Techniques
  • FAA Regulations
  • Safety
  • Creative Shooting Techniques
  • Image/Video Pre-visualization – Setting yourself up for success
  • Post-Processing Techniques

Part 2 – Field Instruction (4 hours) (location TBD)

Field Topics Covered

  • Basic Flight Techniques
  • Safely Taking Off and Landing
  • Weather Concerns – Reading The Environment
  • Sky Scanning
  • FAA Regulations
  • Creative Shooting Techniques In Practice
  • Switching From Photo to Video
  • Battery Management
  • Best Camera Settings and Filters for Drone Photo and Video

Student equipment requirements:

  • I will be teaching on the DJI products/platform.
  • Drone with camera (DJI Mavic, DJI Phantom 4, DJI Inspire, etc.)
  • Controller
  • At least one battery (extra batteries are preferred)
  • Charger cable for batteries
  • Phone, Ipad or other screen for your controller
  • Warm clothes
  • Memory card for your drone
  • If you DO NOT own a drone you will need to rent one for the course through a third party like Lens Rentals www.lensrentals.com  Additionally, if you simply Google search “drone rental” a number of rental options will come up from various third parties.

Workshop Session Details

Workshop Instructor

Rachid Dahnoun – More than a photographer, Rachid Dahnoun is a visual storyteller who draws viewers into the earth’s wildest places. His award-winning images earned him a coveted spot on the Nikon 100 List composed of the world’s top 100 rising photographic stars—and in fact, nighttime photography is one of Dahnoun’s specialties (the cover of National Geographic’s Night Sky of North America features one of his spectacular Milky Way shots).

A Lowepro Global Ambassador and DroboPro, Dahnoun is both a photographer and a director. His work has appeared in hundreds of publications, such as National Geographic, Backpacker, The New York Times, SKI, Forbes, and Outside. Some of his commercial clients include Microsoft, Time Inc., AARP, Coors Light, Visit California, and Vail Resorts. He also works with non-profits dedicated to landscape conservation: National Parks Conservation Association, The Trust for Public Land, and The Conservation Fund are among his favorite organizations.

An outdoor adventurer at heart, Dahnoun is comfortable working solo, even in harsh winter climates and rainforests. But he’s also an experienced director who can conduct large crews with his trademark blend of efficiency and humor. That affability has made him a sought-after speaker for such events as the Photokina conference in Cologne, Germany and the Tandem Stills and Motion Summit (where he delivered the keynote address). As an instructor, Dahnoun offers photography workshops through Lowepro and other outlets.

Traveling more than 200 days a year, Dahnoun jokes that his business card should read “professional packer,” and as a surfer, snowboarder, mountain biker and hiker, he’s accustomed to toting all manner of equipment. Yet some of his favorite haunts are close to home: With studios in South Lake Tahoe and Healdsburg, California (the de facto capital of Sonoma’s wine country), he logs frequent trips into the Sierra and along Sonoma’s picturesque coastline—often accompanied by wife Regina and his dog Avery.

Website: www.rachidphoto.com

Instagram: @rachidphoto


Rachid Dahnoun / Workshop