Thursday, April 2, 2020 6:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M.

2020 How to Turn Your Passion Into a Business with Shane Russeck – Thursday

 Shane Russeck

Shane Russeck

Learn how to turn your passion for photography into a business. Shane will share his insight, while also allowing the class time for questions and answers.
Topics include:
  • Marketing – Shane grew up in the art business and looks forward to sharing methods to promote and sell your work. Learn the importance of social media, photo contests, how to make your work known to galleries, pricing and editions.
  • Printing – learn what papers to use to help create your “style”
  • Shows  – How, where and when to put on a show. From top galleries to coffee shops we will discuss how to create interstates and get the most out of your showings.
  • Overcoming Financial Burdens

Workshop Session Details

Workshop Instructor

Shane Russeck – Shane Russeck is a modern-day photographer, adventurer, and explorer. He first picked up a camera while training with legendary boxing trainer Freddie Roach at the world-famous Wild Card Boxing Club. One of his first shots of Roach now hangs in the International Boxing Hall of Fame. He has since gone on to shoot recognizable stars and public figures with a special interest in unique characters. Shane’s background in fine art and his passion for Americana and outlaw culture make his work both raw and visceral. For two years he traveled the country shooting rodeos and wild mustangs. Both series were followed by critically acclaimed gallery shows. Currently being shot, “Wild Life” is a series of large monochrome portraits of Killer Whales, Lions, Wild Mustangs, and Wolves just to name a few. This series is quickly establishing Shane as a fine art photographer with growing interest in his work from collectors around the world. Shane collectors include some of Hollywood top in the music and film industry. Shane is joining us at Shooting The West as a Tamron Ambassador.

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