Friday, April 3, 2020 12:00 P.M. - 1:30 P.M.

2020 The Budget Photog – Cheap Lights/Big Results with Tim Engle

 Photo By Tim Engle

Photo By Tim Engle

Class Description:

This session is for photographers of all levels who want to create cool images with inexpensive stuff. Making great shouldn’t be about expensive lights, it should be about the way you see and use light. 
Learn how to accurately meter, expose, and manipulate lighting to get the results you want. Hands-on demonstrations with models will help put to use basic lighting principles.
Bring your questions, creativity, pen, paper, and your mirror-less camera or DSLR. 
I will be discussing some of the lighting techniques I’ve developed over the years. My goal is to show how simple lighting can be. I will demonstrate that most of the time, the easy solution is the right one. We’ll. We’ll also talk about camera settings, some lighting hacks, as well as working with models. you’ll you’ll learn:
  • A single light can be your friend.
  • Simple lighting equipment.
  • Lighting set-ups.
  • Mixing different lights. 
  • Posing models.
Student Equipment Required: Digital camera with fully charged battery and memory cards. Prime lens preferred. Tripod optional. Good attitude a must!

Workshop Session Details

Workshop Instructor

Tim Engle – Sacramento, CA – Sacramento commercial photographer and native Tim Engle cultivated a passion for photography in his early teens and has since successfully turned that love into a full time career. Flowing seamlessly between portraits, fashion, avant-garde, and commercial photography, KVIE PBS selected him as one of California’s Master Photographers in 2011.

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