Thursday, April 2, 2020 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

2020 An Introduction to Sports and Action Photography with Aaron Norberg – Thursday Mid-day

 Photo By Aaron Norberg

Photo By Aaron Norberg

Class Description: Learn how to better freeze those quickly moving subjects. In this class we will walk you through techniques to getting better images of fast action sports as well as how to choose the best lens to make your images more impactful. We will also cover the basics of accessory teleconverters and the inside scoop on how to unlock the added performance of Sigma’s telephoto lenses using the revolutionary USB Dock.

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Aaron Norberg – is a landscape photographer based in Portland, Oregon. He was raised in the Midwest, studied in the South and now resides in the Pacific Northwest.  He had a camera in hand since the age of ten and has incorporated the optics of the photographic medium into his daily perspective.  With an emphasis on exploring and documenting the urban and natural landscapes he has worked with the full breadth of imaging technologies from pinhole to large format cameras in both analog and digital formats and has found himself featured in a handful of fine art exhibitions and publications along the way.  Aaron received his B.F. in Photography with a minor in Historic Preservation from the Savannah, Georgia.

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